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We transform ordinary spaces into stylish, functional preschools and daycare within the greater Montreal and Laval areas. Working with an established network of qualified contractors, designers, suppliers, lawyers and accountants, our team will re-envision a space, negotiate a great lease, develop a custom business plan, create a functional and educational learning program.

Our world

We believe each child has their own unique set of skills and a natural desire to learn. Through children’s natural curiosity to explore their surroundings we provide them with a safe and highly organized environment, along with age appropriate materials/activities to stimulate optimal development.


Unlike many daycares in the surrounding area, all of our educators are highly qualified. Firstly, a minimum requirement being a bachelor’s degree in the field of early childhood education, or having many years of hands on experience working with children is crucial of our educators.
Secondly, we provide all of our educators with training upon being hired; on aspects of child development, and teaching methods specific for their age group. Lastly, monthly workshops are provided to our educators, in order to keep them up to date with current research in the field of early childhood education and to discuss and provide positive teaching methods. Therefore, we can guarantee your children will be placed in good hands!


Daily schedules, routines, and physical activity is provided to children. This promotes a healthy lifestyle, gives children a sense of structure, independance, and organization. Routines also enhance children’s understanding of expectations, and allows children to feel secure and prepared in our environment.

About Us

Specialists and Outings

Various weekly specialists visit our daycare and monthly outings are provided, in order to peak your child’s interest in a variety of fields at a young age, allowing for further and more in depth learning on the monthly themes and current events.

Health and Safety

Safety checks of the indoor and outdoor environment is done on a daily basis, as well as the cleaning of toys, classrooms, and equipment. Educators also help in promoting positive hygiene and ethics throughout the day. Our high tech security system by umbrasecur is installed to ensure your children’s safety. Fingerprint by only authorized parents/family members and educators is required, in order to have access onto our premises. Furthermore, any suspicious activity detected by our camera system is automatically alerted to the police. The police have direct access to this system, and will be able to detect if there is a threat, and react quickly. The safety of your child is our #1 Priority.

Parental Involvement

Parents are more than welcomed to join their children in specialty activities and outings. We place high value on parent teacher interaction, in order to connect the child’s home life to their everyday at our center. Educators provide you with a daily journal log, to keep you up to date on your child’s progress in all areas of development; including daily updates on your child’s physical activity, hours napped throughout the day, eating habits/ bowel movements, and socialization. We wish to keep you as close to your children’s day as possible, meanwhile you are away!


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The menu closely follows the Canadian Food Guide, providing your children with healthy and nutritious meals on the daily. Our meals and snacks vary in colour, flavour, texture, shape, and temperature to allow your children to experiment with variety of foods. We are also partnered with Liquid Nutrition, a company who provides us with a variety of healthy fruit and vegetable blends, allowing your children to make their own smoothies and taste their creations. A positive method in getting children to eat their daily fruit & vegetables, and in promoting healthy eating!

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12 Hour a day daycare

We offer a 12 hour a day daycare, Opening from 6h00 to18h00, in order to cater to variety of work schedules. Are you having trouble finding a daycare which opens early enough for you to beat the morning traffic & make it into work on time? Worry no more, we got you!

An additional after hour tutoring program will be made available for school aged children, as well as for infants and toddlers.
*All of the above mentioned perks of your child becoming a member of Garderie A kid’s World is included in our price*

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